One of the most popular Google AdSense platforms to monetize your website has many alternatives too. Almost every website owner wants its website to get Adsense approval but Adsense has many terms and conditions which is quite difficult to get approval by Adsense. Adsense is one of the biggest advertising platforms if you compare it with another platform. We have a list of the best 20 Google Adsense alternatives

There are many Adsense alternatives that can give you higher rates for ads placed on your website and even are easier to get approval from your website. They even offer great features if you compare with Adsense. We have the list of the best Google Adsense alternatives for WordPress and blogger you will really love them.


1.Taboola Advertising


One of the most popular Advertising networks used by big brands such as MSN, IBM, USA Today, BMW, etc. Taboola is a platform where you get similar articles as in your website as an ad which makes a user click it. It is widely used in news websites because of high traffics and the latest articles. It has almost 1.5 Billion Unique users monthly across mobile and pc platforms and 22,000+ publishers. but one of the main disadvantages of taboola is that you must have a minimum page view of 500,000 if you want to get approval from taboola.

MEDIA.NET is one of the 20 Google Adsense alternatives owned by Yahoo! and Bing. has some benefits you will get a dedicated account manager also get a high CTR (Click-Through-Rate) as compare to google has different ad format sizes. also has some downside no Real-time revenue reporting. is the second best display ad revenue source.$100, is a minimum payout you get from



If you want ads to show on your website within minutes Adversal is one of the best platforms for you. Adversal offers video ads, display ads, and native ads for your website quickly and easily. navigation. It offers one of the best interfaces to manage your ads. For the approval of ads you must have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month.



PropellerAds almost used by 1 Billion users worldwide offers Push Notifications, OnClick Ads (Popunder), In-Page Push, and Native Interstitials ads to publish on the website. Propeller ads offer one of the best features such as Automated Ad Optimization, Fraud Prevention, Self-Serve Platform. You can also get a minimum 5$ payout.



If you love text ads info links are one of the best options for you. Infolinks offers customizable Notification bar-style ads popup ads, Contextual ads, Displays vertical ads ad. You get one of the best-optimized ads you can also place ads at unique placement on your website. Buy using Infolinks your website appearance doesn’t get disturbed. Over 100,000 websites use Infolinks. Big brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, uses Infolinks ads.


6.Amazon Assosiate Program

Amazon Associates

Amazon display aids so seeing an amazon advertising program listed as an AdSense alternative might be a little surprised for many they are one of the most popular choices among bloggers for site monetization until recently it was only the amazon affiliate program but with the amazon native shopping ads and CPM based ads they are native ads, in particular, is a bit like affiliate marketing. Amazon affiliate programs are available only in the US and UK. It is considered one of the best in the list of 20 Google Adsense alternatives.




Owned by Federated Media and Lijit is CPM bases network. Almost 40,000 websites Sovrn network for displaying ads. Sovrn ads include a variety of ads which is best for your website or blogger. You can get display ads in the size of 728×90, 300×600 160×600,300×250 choose which fits best for your website. You also get 300×250 or 320×50 mobile platform ads and video ads you also get a minimum payout of $25 which is one of the best things and you have also control to get the desired eCPM rate for your website. Payment Methods are available in PayPal, ACH, Check, Check, and Wire Transfer. Cons of Sovrn are they have low rates CPM if you compare with Adsense.



Easy to get approval if you compare with Adsense.yllix have different types of ads for desktop, Mobile, and, Social. And have also a wide variety of strategies like CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS, ROAS.ylliX is owned by Advertica Ltd. One of the best things about ylliX is that the minimum payout is only $1 which is one of the best things if you compare with other platforms. Some big brands like Audi, Gucci, Apple, etc use yllix ads.



Affiliate marketing is almost loved by all bloggers because of good commission rates. Skimlinks is a platform where it converts e-commerce links in your website to affiliate links. There are almost 48,500 merchants associated with Skimlinks. You can get a minimum payout of just $10.This is the best platform for earning high commissions.


Owned by Bpath LTD started in 2003. Bidvertiser supports native ads, push ads, pop-under types of ads, slider ads, it also supports XML feeds supported by both desktop and mobile devices platform. One of the best things about Bidvertiser is the approval process is automated. More than 80,000 publishers and advertisers, use the Bidvertiser platform. Traffic You can easily view real-time daily traffic with help of the Traffic Estimator tool built by Bidvertiser. You also get a $10 minimum payout.$0.001 is the lowest bid you can get from this platform.



One of the biggest computers in the list of 20 Google Adsense alternatives if you are getting high traffic of almost 50,000 visitors per month. Revcontent is best for you because Revcontent focuses more on quality rather than quantity and it offers one of the best rates if you compare with other ads networks. Owned by. John Lemp has more than 250 billion content. You get highly responsive widget ads, infinite scroll ads and, gallery ads. Revcontent has very strict rules almost 94% of applications are rejected by this platform. Highest eCPM rates are offered by Revcontent.



One of the best platform for contextual advertisements on your website. Adbuff also offers one of the best eCPMs rates in the ads platform. Some of the biggest platform like AOL, PulsePoint, Criteo, and Google Ads uses Adbuff.In Adbuff you get three types of bidding strategies such as CPC, CPM, and CPA. Adbuff ads are website-friendly ads you do not get irritating pop-up ads, code-injection, and other types of malicious ads. English written website is only accepted by adbuff.2,000 monthly visitors is a minimum criterion for Adbuff and $100. is the minimum payout.



PopCash founded by Alex and Radu in 2012. As the name suggests it offers popunder ads in a different window when you visit a website. With its great success, PopCash has almost 500 million unique. monthly visitors. PopCash one of the most user-friendly ads. You can easily navigate, create your campaigns. Approval is very fast if you compare it with other networks. the minimum payment is only $10. You can easily engage with the PopCash support team always available on Skype.




BuySellAds are a completely different platform for an ad it’s like classified ads. Here the owner of the website lists their website on this platform and advertisers can buy your advertisement space on your website. If you find the best-suited website for your platform you can directly mail the owner of the website to get your ads live. Is available in almost all countries around the world.25% commission is taken by this platform on every conversion.100,000 pageviews per month is a minimum criterion for this platform to get approval.



Best platform for those who use adblocker. Owned by AdPushup.Basically, a lot of website owners are losing lots of money majorly from ads blockers so this platform really helps owners of websites who are losing money due to adblocker. recover uses Asynchronous JavaScript code which gives you fast loading time, UX-compliant ads, Premium, UX friendly, and nA/B Testingon-obtrusive. It gives 24×7 assistance.




 If you want a quick approval without any terms and conditions Adsterra platform is one of the best platforms for you. Adsterra was founded in Scotland in 2013 with 8,000 publishers around the world. It offers CPC, CPM, CPA types of the bidding system. Adsterra is highly engaged with CPM ads, display banners, Rectangle display ads, Skyscraper vertical display banners, Pop-under ads link ads, Push notification ads. Adsterra also offers a 100% fill rate. .Adsterra offers up to 25 billion-plus impressions per month.

17.SHE Media

SHE Media

Are you a woman or girl who wants to monetize your blog?SHE media is one of the best platforms for you because this platform is totally aimed at the female audience only. It offers advertising sponsored posts and social media campaigns.SHE Media has very fewer types of ads to offer it only offers standard ads, native types of ad, and link ads you want the approval of your website must be 90 days old and monthly traffic should be 20,000 and your website content should be 70% attractive to a female audience.



Earlier known as The Blogger Network till 2016 now known as Monumetric. It is the best platform if you want automatic dynamic display ads on your website almost the same as your content on your website. Monumetric ads are one of the most user-oriented ads ever offered it offers ads according to visitors’ interests. Monumetric ads offer four different types of ads known as Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo. The minimum requirement of Monumetric ads is 10,000 page views per month and a $99 setup fee is charged if you are getting 80,000 page views per month.


AdClickMedia is the best platform for you if you love CPC ads.AdClickMedia includes 65,000 plus publishers and 22 million impressions of ads per month.AdClickMedia includes 3 types of ad formats like Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Banner ads, and Photo-Text ads. You can earn almost $0.05-$30 per click you also get a 10% commission of your referral earnings. If you use Bloggers then AdClickMedia is not for you. And one of the best things is that there are no minimum traffic requirements which are great for a newly launched website.

20.MadAds Media

.MadAds Media

MadAds Media ads come under the last in the list of 20 Google Adsense alternatives offer one of the best CPM rates among its competitor. If you are getting traffic from the US and UK MadAds Media ads are best for you. It offers CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL types of the bidding system. One of the best features of. Madrid’s Media is a Revenue calculator that can calculate the approximate value of your earnings. This platform works with almost 100 ad networks. If you want approval you must have 10,000 daily pageviews and your website should not contain any adult content.