What is a VPN?

A question comes to many people that what is the benefit of VPN  and how can you use it on your laptop or your smartphone. VPN stands for Virtual private network it is a service that gives you a secure and private connection to another network when you use a VPN. Basically, VPN hides your IP address whenever you surf the internet by using VPN services making you more secure by encrypting your network. You can easily use VPN services on your phones or computer while serving the internet. In this article I will tell you about the 10 free VPN for Android.

Some are free and paid version, that means you can use them for free by downloading all of them and you can also use them by paying money, but when you use one of these apps for free. You will get to see the imitation and talking about all these internet speeds, then you will get to see very fast internet speed in all these apps, your data locks will not be kept in all the apps. Will will also talk about the common feature of all these VPN apps.

1.Speedtest by Ookla

speedtest vpn

Speedtest, By Okhla, has launched this app, now you will get this app on the play store, you can use this app for free for 30 days. You will get to see many limitations, in this, you will get the data limit for just 2GB per month only. You can also get the server location of Dubai will be found to see the very good speed on Indian connectivity and talking about security, it does not keep any data lock. If you want to use the premium version you can spend $4.99 monthly with unlimited usage.

2.Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the best under 10 free VPN for Android. This app is available in the premium version also if you want to use extra services. The Premium version offers 115 virtual locations. If you use this app for free, you will get to see a lot of limitations like in this you will get the only location of the USA. If you are using the free version while connecting you have to see the ad in which you will be able to use VPN for 15 minutes only and one of the best things is that the internet speed is very good. Also, this app will not store any data. To use the premium version for a 1-month subscription charge is $12.99/month.

3.Betternet Hotspot VPN
betternet vpn

This is the VPN which is almost like the previous one. There is an option to select a nearby server that is easily available. You do not have any unlimited service but you will get a lot more than you have an option in it. Also, if you watch an advertisement video in it, then you get a 1-day premium. What is available is free, which is a good thing, you can install it for 1 day and use it and reinstall. There is no premium charge seen anywhere in it, which means that all the Servers you get will be free. This VPN is the best option for you. 

4.Power VPN

power vpn

As the name suggests this app is absolutely free with unlimited data surfing, in this app you can get unlimited data and you can also use your app by connecting to the unlimited server and we will talk about its internet speed it’s really good. Server locations such as the US, UK, India, Germany, Singapore, etc are provided for free. You get almost all features of premium VPN for free in Power VPN.

5.Turbo VPN

turbo vpn

Turbo VPN has been rated by more than 4,267,362 users on the play store and download by 100,000,000+ users. Turbo VPN is one of the most downloaded VPN on the android platform. It is the most protected app which uses AES 128-bit encryption to secure your internet. It offers an Automatic Kill Switch to prevent it from being tracked. You can get many server locations to choose from. Turbo VPN is the most downloaded VPN under the list of 10 free VPN for Android.

6.VPN Proxy Master

proxy vpn

VPN Proxy Master is downloaded by more than 10,000,000+ worldwide. Proxy VPN is a truly unlimited VPN without any extra charges. This app is recommended by some tech giants like TechRadar, Softmany, and AppFollow. This app uses AES 256-bit encryption which makes your network secure. You can connect to unlimited VPN servers. You get really good internet surfing speed.

7.VPN Free

free vpn

VPN Free is a 100% free VPN service that gives you one of the best internet water. It is one of the simplest VPN you can easily connect with one touch you require no account means no user name, no password. This VPN has no trial version it’s completely 100% free. This app has also a private browser built. Servers such as the USA, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc. are provided. You also get unlimited data.

8.SuperVPN Free VPN Client


If you don’t want any account creation then SuperVPN Client is best for you. You can connect with this VPN just with a single click.SuperVPN provides 20 days trial and after that, you only get 60 minutes for every trial. You get one of the best speed with no root access neededYou also get one of the best security and encryption and many server location to choose from.


PandaVPN provides one of the best encryption technology for ECC encryption. It completely protects your personal privacy. PandaVPN provides a simple one-touch connection. You also get server options to choose from like the US, UK, Asia, etc. If you are a PUBG it provides accelerations for fluid gaming without interruption. 

10.Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN

One of the fastest Thunder VPN provides you to connect with just one click. It completely encrypts your internet connection so that you can easily surf your internet without any worry about being hacked. It includes a global VPN network in America, Europe, and Asia. Some servers are free while some servers are paid. You get unlimited data and no time limit. This VPN is one of the simplest VPN under the list of 10 free VPN for Android.