The battle between Desktop vs Laptop is big. Considering buying a new desktop or laptop and a bit confused. Which one to buy both are almost different but their working process is the same. If you want larger, screen high-performing tasks then desktop are better for you but if you want portability and freedom to carry anywhere then laptops are better for you. Both have different usage here we will tell you some of the points in which both will specifically lead.



Let’s talk about portability in laptops you can carry anywhere you want. You can place a laptop just in your bags you can carry in the office, college is out of town but in case of a desktop they are bulky you can place it only on tables in a room. You can’t carry anywhere in a laptop all components are are attach like a monitor, keyboard, the mouse you don’t need to attach individual hardware to the CPU. While in desktop on hardware components are kept on another side like you attach monitor, CPU, keyboard with wire and you must know that which ports to connect. The desktop is quite large in size if you compare it with a laptop. In this portability section laptop wins.



Cost is also one of the major factors that affect both desktops, as well as a laptop. Desktop, have a quite win over a laptop in term of cost because it totally depends on what type of components you are using you can buy a cheap monitor, a cheap processor, cheap graphics card, low RAM and hard disk. While in laptops you can’t do you can just buy a cheap laptop that will be expensive than desktop.

On the desktop, it totally depends on you that at what cost you buy the components but on a laptop, it doesn’t depend on you. If you want to buy a high-cost processor and a low-cost graphics card then the desktop is much better because it gives you accessibility to buy anything you want. But on a laptop, this doesn’t work. if you want to buy the same specification laptop then the desktop is cheaper.



Now let’s talk about the screen size Desktop vs Laptop. Desktop is much better in terms of screen size because you can use the 17-inch monitor to almost 50, 80-inch monitor according to your need which provides almost a great facility for the environment. But in the case of a laptop, they are available from 10 to 17 inch you can’t buy bigger than that because they don’t come in the market and it will also look odd but one. But one of the advantages is also of laptop you can connect to the projector as well as a TV if you want to work on a large screen.



In the upgrade section desktop wins with big margins. You can change any hardware you want if you want to upgrade a processor, graphics card, ram, hard disk, motherboard, monitor anything you want you can upgrade easily with just spending money. But on the laptop, you can’t do so only memory and hard drive are the components that can be upgradable. If you want to upgrade the processor or graphics card you can’t upgrade you have to buy a new laptop.



Let’s talk about gaming in today’s generation gaming is more demanded. Both have tough competition but here also desktop clearly wins because the graphics card requires much power and the power supply unit in the desktop provides almost higher power as well as great heat reduction.

With big cabinets and you can use some of the most powerful graphics cards. On the desktop you can even use 2-3 graphics cards simultaneously you have a big monitor a big keyboard and a mouse separately. If you are comparing Desktop vs Laptop in terms of gaming experience desktop gaming are much better on the desktop. Talking about the laptop in today’s era laptops also come with one of the highest-end graphics cards they also have the capability is of a higher heat reduction rate.

But if you compare with a desktop it gets heated too quickly and you also get a smaller keyboard and monitor so the gaming experience is not good if you compare with a desktop. Gaming laptops are quite expensive if you compare them with desktops.



Repairability is also one of the main factors that affect both. Repairing the laptop is quite difficult because almost every component is attached to a single part. So if any part gets defaulted it basically costs a lot. If compare with desktop repairing is much cheaper because you can easily replace a defaulted part from that. Since all part is on different if the motherboard gets defaulted in the laptop it will quite a large expense.



Now talking about power consumption on Desktop vs Laptop laptops takes a lead over the desktop because it gets up battery power consumption. If you compared with laptop because we have big components like CPU, keyboard, and mouse. One of the big advantages of a laptop is that it gets a battery you do not need to worry about any power output. You can even work anywhere. There is no power output in the desktop and the desktop is directly connected with power output. If the light goes off your complete work will be wastage that is the biggest disappointment of the desktop.



If you want to work for a longer time and want to do heavy gaming then the desktop wins because the laptop gets a smaller cabinet and there is a very small fan it gets heated quickly. If you are working 10 to 12 hours desktop is much better because it has high heat ventilation. The desktop has almost a very long life if you compared it with a laptop.