god of war xbox

It’s been over three years since God of War first came out on Playstation 4, and many gamers have been waiting for it to make it to Xbox One. While it is not yet clear if the next installment will indeed come out on console, there are some interesting hints that suggest that the game is indeed going to be released on Microsoft’s platform as well.

It was announced today that Microsoft and Sony are going to be working together to help bring exclusive games to their consoles. What this means is that you will be able to play games on one platform, then another depending on where you are at the time. Not only will there be crossplay, but exclusive games as well. It has been rumored that the next installment of “God of War”, will be released for Xbox One as well. It has been a long time since gaming fans have been waiting for a possible Xbox release of this popular game.


god of war xbox

There are already placards being waved that the console wars are over now: God of War is coming to PC. We’d say it’s unfair to count Sony out just yet. Yes, God of War coming to PC (and technically Xbox) might seem like a misstep to some, but it’s already been three years since Kratos first stepped out into the world of Norse gods and monsters.

By now, most of us have likely played through the gritty reimagining numerous times. A Sony conference at the big gaming expo E3 ended with the surprise announcement that God of War was coming to PC. You might have howled in delight, or you might have hidden your hype-less face behind your hands. But make no mistake, this makes perfect sense.

God of War Xbox One Release Date

God of War on Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X is predicted to be released in 2022.

God of War Xbox One Price

The God of War for Xbox One and X/S will cost $70 for the standard version and delux version will cost $80.