Since the name suggest  GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU (central processing unit) people have bit confusion between this two processing unit. Let’s understand by basic definition of GPU VS CPU.
GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)
GPU is a graphical unit. GPU or graphical processing unit that is responsible for the early start of computing. GPUs run similar kinds of computations in parallel for generating images by doing fast mathematical calculations. This specialization focused on auto racing. That’s why it is so important to run games o. Each view of a game has to be mathematically determined. Each grass leaf, the lighting, the wind’s movement. There are a lot of calculations.
CPU(Central Processing Unit)
If we compare GPU VS CPU then CPU stands for central processing unit the CPU is one the most important component within the computer system the CPU is also alternately referred to as a processor, central the processor, or a microprocessor. The CPU runs at lightning speed and executes millions of calculations per second in order to run every program. The CPU is said to be the brain of the computer system where or the arithmetic calculations and logical operations take place. CPU handles all the instructions it receives from various computer hardware components and also from the software applications running on the computer system.

A CPU chip is placed on the motherboard into the processor socket with a locking lever mechanism the processor chip is firmly placed into the socket on the motherboard a heatsink is mounted on the top of the processor chip which protects the processor chip from excessive heat generated. Let us now discuss the internal structure of the CPU processor is basically an integrated circuit chip the microprocessor chip that is CPU consists of millions of ICchips packed in a single processor chip each IC chip consists of millions of tiny component called a transistor.

What is the difference between CPU AND GPU?

Let’s figure out what is a GPU is and how it is different from a CPU if you are comparing GPU VS CPU and why the focus of both is on artificial intelligence, which was once a focus on games. Inside a graphics card, you can measure it all. But this is the GPU. The “Graphical Processing Unit,” a microprocessor built on silicone. You also have a silicone powered microprocessor, CPU, a “central processing machine,” for all of you that are not players. GPUs and CPUs are now somewhat different. CPUs are somewhat like trucks. CPUs can perform many functions on most of our machines.

Subjects such as writing, reading, painting, music listening, etc. It’s like racing cars with GPUs. There are only machines with one mission that must be specialized. Much as a racing car is fast but only a few things it can really bring, so it’s not ideal for computing. You have to recognize them as two separate designed microprocessors with two different objectives.

CPUs sequentially run multiple computing forms. GPUs parallel run related calculation styles. This advanced racing car of the GPU is why they play such big games. Each view of a game has to be mathematically determined. Each grass leaf, the lighting, the wind’s movement. That’s a lot of calculations, you switch with any second. But since computations are so fast, something has begun. Other computations that have little to do with graphics have become popular with GPUs. One is bitcoin mining, and the other is artificial intelligence. Machines for preparation. Mind we discussed how GPUs manage parallel calculations better.

Central Processing Unit Graphics Processing Unit
Several cores Hundreds to thousands of smaller cores
The Processor speed is 
less than the GPU speed.
GPU is faster than CPU
The CPU is not sufficient for parallel operation.
GPUs is suitable for parallel operation.
Some type of operations can be completed at once
Can execute thousands of operations at once
Large and broad instruction sets Small and thin instruction sets
Best for task performance Best for gaming performance