Grand theft auto fans are much waiting or newly grand theft auto 6 to be launched. The game is to be soonly launched although there is no official statement from the company. Grand theft auto is one of the biggest series in the world. With its one of the biggest open game map, it is truly loved by the gamers almost all over the world. As the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series, X fans are eagerly waiting for GTA 6  to be launched with these console. It has been almost seven years since GTA 5 has been launched. Grand theft auto 5 was launched on 17 September 2013 on almost all platforms. It took almost 4 years to develop GTA 5. A report from Kotaku claims that a new entry in the grand theft auto series has started in April 2020. But the guess is made that grand theft auto 6 development has started.

Grand theft auto 6 release date 2020

As per many reports, it seems that grand theft auto vi will not be arriving in 2021. Guess are made that the game might arrive in 2022 or 2023. Since the starting of the grand theft auto series development the first GTA was released in 1997, in 1999 Grand theft auto 2 was released, in 2001  Grand theft auto 3 was released, in 2002  Grand theft auto vice city was released, in 2004 Grand theft auto San Andreas was released, in 2008 Grand theft auto 4 was released, In 2013 Grand theft auto V was released so it has almost been 7 years since any new GTA series games have been released fans are eagerly waiting for new series.

Longest the gap between Grand Theft Auto titles seen so far.GTA 6 is rumored to be based on Vice City. A report by TechRadar claims that GTA 6 has been in development since March 2016. According to a report from MarketWatch, GTA 5 is the highest earned game from its series so far. It has generated a whopping $6 billion considered as one of the most profitable entertainment products. With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar appears to be in no hurry to compete with itself through a new franchise feature.

GTA 6 maps, features, gameplay, characters.

Grand theft auto series is considered almost the biggest open-world game to the date. As we have played GTA San Andreas GTA San Andreas or GTA5 we love the map we have a village as well as city experience during gameplay and we love that. So we want GTA 6 to be bigger than the previous series game. As rumored GTA6 could be based on Vice City and Liberty City. Game is made to be focussed on drug smuggling and Cartels across multiple time periods. The location that is rumored of GTA 6 to be based on are-Liberty City, Rio de Neve, South America, Vice City, Mexico, The Republic of Castellano, South America, Minor Cities, etc.

GTA will always contain the usual elements of cars guns crime you know the formula by now that being said Rockstar seems to like to mix things up with every new game in the series in GTA 5. The ability to switch between multiple characters was introduced for the first time now fans are wondering what Rockstar might have up its sleeve with GTA 6. Although nothing is the official one of the most popular rumors details players being able to control both a criminal and a police officer throughout the game’s story mode.

It might be interesting to rob a bank and then play the detective who was trying to solve a crime almost like a GTA la noir mashup another interesting theory is that the GTA 6 map will be able to evolve in real-time we saw hints of this in Red Dead 2 where buildings would be constructed throughout the game’s story and even individual NPCs would have their own subplots that would affect how they would appear in the game. GTA 6 will take this to the next level as skyscrapers could be built over the course of the story in-depth of random events that could take place as well such as protests and festivals.

GTA 6 might actually, be a smaller game than GTA 5 in the same Kotaku interview Rockstar explained how the company is working to eliminate crunch during its production process allowing developers to live healthier lifestyles and work shorter weeks while still developing great video games. one of the solutions is to make GTA 6 a smaller game then add updates frequently overtime before you freak out it’s important to remember that GTA 5 is one of the most massive games of all-time.

So if GTA 6 is smaller it’s still probably going to be a pretty big game this also isn’t the first time that Rockstar has done something like this. GTA 4 might have better graphics than GTA San Andreas but San Andreas actually has a much larger map despite being the older game we’re expecting GTA 6 to do something similar the game might be a bit smaller in scale than GTA 5 but it will also bring things to the next level as far as graphics and gameplay is concerned.Number one setting obviously whenever a new GTA game comes out the the map is going to be a huge strain on everyone’s minds after GTA 5 took place in an incredibly large and detailed location.