In today’s topic, we are going to do the hard Reset MI phones. If your phone is completely locked and it is unable to open by fingerprint so let’s get started.

First upon switch off the phone so it is completely switched off then press the volume up button and the power on/off button. After pressing the volume up and power button on the screen will pop up and it will be showing the download option that under download option after touching the down reduction to the screen will be completely blocked. Then plug it into a computer using USB to micro USB cable after plugging the phone if you are using Windows 10 and that’ll go into the device manager option.

Device manager option you will get it from my computer logo first right click on my computer and go into properties then on the left side you can see the device manager option in the device manager option you can see the option that is called PORTS in bracket COM and LPT clicking on that option. You can Reset MI phones with this process.

Now you can see the QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (com 4 or com 3) which means your phone is ready for flash. After this you have to download from the link is given in the description below after downloading the ROM unzip with 7 zip file archiver below after extracting the ROM download the MI FLASH APP and that is used for flashing the phone link for that app.

Open the app in that you can see on the left side select button press on the button and select the ROM were you have extracted the ROM after selecting the ROM to see on the right side you can see refresh button.

Pressing that button you can see the device below on the left side below you can see some options present options click on the Flash all except data storage and press the flash button after completing the flash. Remove the cable from the device and press the power button till the MI logo pop up. After that set up the phone and enjoy. The process is completed of How to Reset MI phones.