Time for waiting is over the future of high-speed transportation is finally here the luxurious Hyperloop train is about to change the entire world. It means before we know it will be rocketing from city to city and over 700 miles per hour first in state of the art levitating pods all combat climate change one trip at a time.

Compared to a modern-day Indian train the roughly 100-mile route from Mumbai to Pune day is 1 of India’s busiest with near enough to 70,50,00,000 passengers making the trip every year. At the moment it’s a 3.5-hour trip the planned Hyperloop line will connect the 2 urban hubs in just 35 minutes. It opens up a world of opportunities no longer will need to live and work in the same city and no longer will our social circles be restricted to the same zip code the Hyperloop won’t just benefit its users but the wider population


Hyperloop train overview and working

Hyperloop train we know what technology it is but if we look a little closer it’s not like any train we’ve ever seen before where are the wheels the call the steam to be the benchmark transit system of the future. Before too long its tunnels will not only be connecting neighboring cities and record-breaking time but they’ll be traversing underwater cutting through mountains perhaps even going fully vertical is this the new world equivalent of Wonka’s glass elevator.

To answer that question global engineering and tech giants will need to a lot of money changing hands let’s get an understanding of how this amazing technology actually operates. Its core is a type of modernized doctrine system. Say what doctrine is the conjoining of the words vacuum and train which is essentially what this futuristic project really is the magnetically propelled capsules are shot through the air-tight low-pressure tubes. Tubes are elevated off the ground to getting this over 750 miles per hour.

Since the tubes are deliberately trained other access in our air, in other words, vacuumed the friction and drag is brought to an absolute minimum just to put that speed into perspective. Here are the world’s fastest car the Bugatti Veyron super sport 300 plus years a Boeing 747 and here’s our dear Hyperloop ready go the Hyperloop travels at more than double the speed of the supercar and leaves the plane firmly in its dust.

As well it’s not even a competition at speeds this intense and without air, we’re pretty darn thankful for the pods to carry their own air supply well if it’s fast it’s gonna be loud right wrong. Hyperloop is advertised as being remarkably quiet so not only will it be lightning-quick but surprisingly relaxing up until now there’s been no fully functional. Hyperloop train system anywhere in the world discussions have floated around the UAE and USA

Company virgin Hyperloop 1 was the first to test the technology of Hyperloop train in may of 2016 after years of negotiations test funding are indeed and perhaps most importantly finding the ideal location to install the revolutionary transit system we finally have a clear path to action in 2017 virgin signed agreements with the Indian government of Maharashtra and car not to come to study the impact of a Hyperloop in the region fast forward to July of 2019. Following plenty of back and forth, the Indian government finally give the nod for construction to go ahead with some of the most densely populated cities on the planet the need for efficient fast, and reliable transport is a great India.

Like any other country on the planet the construction will start here in the state of Maharashtra it will provide lightning-quick transit between 2 sprawling cities by the nation’s financial center including a growing industrial and urban hub. It nestled in the middle of the C. I. tree hills now for the question on everyone’s. Lips how much does a cutting edge space-age train actually cost to develop we’ll tell you it’s a lot I heck of a lot the multi $0 infrastructure projects estimated to cost about $700000000000 rupees or close enough to $10000000000.

Americans as required funding from investors time and time again virgin Hyperloop 1’s most recent fundraising efforts securedĀ  $2000000 back in 2019 at least $90000000 of which came from a nearby transit import company called DP. World the same to buy company previously invested $5000000 while they can also contribute almost $500000000 the project first phase those are very large numbers in reality.

Hyperloop costs will be totally worth it. The cash needed to build a pioneering system is used for far more than just the pod’s tracks and first-class next you’ll also have to consider the cost of land to acquire the heavy bill of paying a huge amount of construction to labors and the logistics.

Shipping new age technology from overseas thankfully at least the government is footing the bill for all the land the rest only time will tell what the price is to actually ride the Hyperloop. Well unless you’re forking out the big Bucks with a ludicrously lavish gold class section the tickets are poised to be surprisingly affordable. We’re still waiting on exact figures however you must present to compare the price for us a Los Angeles to San Francisco ticket. On a Hyperloop style trains would medically only set you back about 20 Bucks a third of the price of a regular train ticket.

King of the Tesla visionary while musk is no longer manning the helm of the Hyperloop he still is to be credited with the initial concept the SpaceX CEO first announces ultra-modern. Transportation system back in 2013 in a 60-page letter clearly a busy man just didn’t have the time to keep the idea all to himself in fact he didn’t want to with an overarching philosophy to combat climate change musk open sourced type lives basic design meaning that anyone could take adjust and implement the high-speed idea

hyperloop trin in india

The company has a test facility in the desert north of Las Vegas yet still the bottom only reach speeds of around 240 miles per hour while India is obvious and contract front runner it’s not the only destination with a stake in the Hyperloop game. Virgin is also planning a system to link to buy in Abu Dhabi which will cut travel time between the 2 cities to just 12 minutes you on musk’s very own infrastructure startup the boring company has been given the all-clear today to Hyperloop tunnels between Washington DC and New York City.

Once complete the 3 hour Amtrak journey would be slashed to just a 30 minute part ride a European company called heart Hyperloop this pioneering concept in the E. U. and there’s plenty of talk of a connection between Mexico City to Guadalajara in Mexico. As well alas the rest of the world still sits in the shadow of India’s plan in the words of Sir Richard Branson himself Virgin Hyperloop can help India become a global transportation pioneer and forge a new world-changing industry. Do you feel comfortable riding on the Hyperloop let us know in the comments down below don’t forget to like this video subscribe to the richest and have a great day catch you next time.