minecraft 1.19

The new Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update is finally out for all players on Windows and Mac OS X versions. This means that you have until now to enjoy a new adventure where the only thing stopping you from exploring more of the world is getting “stuck” in one of the hardest places you can find.

To make it even better, we have scoured the web to bring you some best Minecraft 1.19 update seeds so you don’t get stuck. You will most likely want to lay your hands on these seeds as you play this game since they go pretty far into crafting or survival mode. Yet, I highly suggest you keep reading because there are still plenty of other things you can do with this guide, such as sharing it with your friends or leaving them a comment here on how much fun you had playing through those seeds!


minecraft 1.19

Mojang has announced that the new Minecraft 1.19 update for Bedrock Edition, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch will be brought out on Tuesday, June 7. This is a general update of the game that also includes some bug fixes and a new feature called The End (more of a feature than a specific date).

You may find that Minecraft 1.19  The Wild update is a bit different from your previous version. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you get started with the definitive guide to the Minecraft 1.19 update. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive in!

Don’t jump out of the swamp before! You want to stop first and meet a new crowd of frogs. Unlike other predators with children resembling small adults, frogs are tadpoles. Like the axolotl, it can be worn in the United States. Use it to bring your new friends to your new home. Frogs come in three different variants: swampy, snowy, and tropical. They grow into adult frogs based on the biome they have when they are adults.

Frogs and tadpoles

minecraft 1.19 UPDATE

We also know that frogs tend to chew little Slime and Magma cubes, making Slime Balls and the new Froglight thing. The fog lamps have colors that match the frog that made them and act as both Glowstone and Sea Lantern as light decorations, while the Slime Ball is already used to make guides and glue pistons.



Allay was a useful little gangster chosen by the Minecraft players during a live vote on Minecraft in 2021. She is a very nice flying blue creature who likes to collect things. If you give him a specific item, he will take similar items nearby and return them to you. Allay also loves music, so you can also use a notebook and give it another place to place her things.

They can be rescued from Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. According to the original plans for update 1.18, the dangerous Warden mobile in Minecraft was delayed in the Wild Update after 2022. The Deep Dark biome, which we saw earlier, was also expanded. Mojang has seriously immersed himself in the Deep Dark biome and is even scarier than ever.

What makes Deep Dark even scarier now are the Sculk Shrieker blocks, which, when activated, emit a scream and act darkly on the surroundings. You need to get away from Sculk Shrieker quickly and quietly because the loud noise is likely to attract Warden.

As we have seen, Warden mobile is extreme, very dangerous, and will look for players with voice. Thanks to the vibrant dark Shrieker effect, Giant Warden’s stomping looks like something great. In the new Warden video, we see a tunnel from the ground through some sculk blocks, which is very scary.

A novelty in Deep Dark is also large old city structures, which you will find in the dark. Mojang proposes to have a structure with its secrets in the center of each ancient city. You also want to pay attention to the Sculk catalysts. If an enemy dies near one, he turns the surrounding ground blocks into Sculk Blocks, which you can mine to gain experience.

Mangrove trees


Minecraft adds a big, super neat new kind of tree to the game: mangroves. At present, the creeper hangs on their leaves like swampy trees and they also grow large arched roots, under which you can walk and swim. Mangroves are even colder because they can be planted in the ground or water. As they grow, they have a base of rotating rootstocks under the trunks of mangrove trees. Yes, that’s right, mangroves also have their kind of wood.

A block of mud


You will also notice that the soil in the mangrove swamp biome does not consist of blocks of impurities. It was covered in mud. You can make new blocks of mud by throwing a bottle of dirty water. You can also place mud blocks on the new dripstone cave, which dries up your mud block and turns it into mud. A sustainable source of clay – good! Now you can farm on your own and you don’t have to dive into any water source you come across.

So far, the developers have only confirmed the old town as the new structure of the game. He is part of a deep dark biome and abode of a hostile mob boss: Warden. In this area, you can get unique loot boxes, new blocks, and even Minecraft ores. In addition, if the biome changes continue as planned, players can also expect three new village classes in the game. These include:

Structures in Minecraft 1.19

minecraft STRUCTURE

New music disc

Minecraft has different kinds of music discs that you can play in jukeboxes within your world. The latest update adds a new type of disc to the mix, one that comes from Ancient Cities and can only be found as broken pieces known as “disc fragments.” You can combine nine fragments using the crafting table to get this unique disc.

New horns

The first musical instrument to be introduced in Minecraft, the goat horns are the first item to be teased in the Caves & Cliffs Part 2. You can blow them to make a sound and other players can hear it from a long distance. There are eight types of goat horns that have their unique sound and you can discover each one of them in our linked guide.

Improved structure

Now that the Ancient City has been confirmed as part of the Deep Dark Biome, we can expect to find new loot chests, new blocks, and even Minecraft ores in this area. Moreover, if the biome revamps continue as planned, players can also expect three new types of villages in the game.

These include Swamp Village: We already have swamp villagers in the game. With the addition of mud building blocks, mangrove wood, and new swamp mobs—meant to represent hostile mobs—these villagers might finally get a hometown of their own. Jungle Village: Similar to swamp villagers, we have existing functional jungle villagers’ models. All that’s left to do is implement their spawning and create a jungle village in Minecraft!