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Sony takes its controller to another level by introducing its Playstation 5  Controller. The most advanced features Sony offers in its dual sense wireless controller are immersive haptic feedback dynamic adaptive triggers, and they are a built-in microphone, for your best gaming experience ever.Price of DualSense controllers are not announced official by sony but you can expect a price around £60/$70/AU$120.

DualSense PS5 controller is completely different from Dualshock 4 in terms of look as well as features.DualSense PS5 controller will be available in a new two-tone color scheme. And it will also have a USB-C port.It is expected to release on November 12 or November 19 according to your region.

Playstation5 controller technical specifications

image credit: Sony
DualSense controller of PlayStation 5 is built-in the headphone jack. You can easily connect a headset of 3.5-mm jack to your controller. Nowadays games with online chat are more popular you can easily chat with your friends during online gameplay by DualSense controller.DualSense controllers are also built-in microphones.So you need not worry if you don’t have headphones during online gameplay.

Haptic feedback

The dual sense controller of PlayStation 5 uses dual actuators for best which gives dynamic vibrations to your hands during gameplay movements dual actuators will give you a real-life experience during gameplay. You can feel the recoil of different weapons during gameplay in your hands. Sony changes traditional rumble motors in its previous controller to the latest dual actuators in dual sense controller

Playstation 5 Controller Adaptive triggers

image credit: Sony
With adaptive triggers technology on Dualsense, you get a real-life simulation of force and tension as per different environments of games. Pressing brakes on racing games to off-road drive, you feel everything on your hand in real life. Adaptive triggers are designed by developers to program the force and simulations of the triggers to simulate actions more accurately during the gaming experience.

Dual sense Create button in Playstation 5 Controller

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Sony has changed the share button on the previous controller to create button on its newly launched absence. Sony has said create button will offer gaming players the to produce more gaming content and can easily broadcast their adventures of gaming experience live to the world.

Motion Sensor

In Playstation 5 live there will be motion sensors in the new DualSense controller which will give you the best gaming experience. Sony also said that the new controller for PlayStation 5 is built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

Built-in Integrated speaker

One of the main amazing things is that the new Dualsence controller is a built-in speaker that takes you to another dimension while playing games sound effects coming from the controller is a great experience from this controller.

Weight and design

PS5 DualSense controller is heavier when compared to the PS4 controller, because of the speaker, motion sensor, etc. But there is not a big difference when compared with the PS4 controller. But when we talk about design there is a huge difference when compared with the previous version of the controller. This time Sony has added a more futuristic design.PS5 controllers are more similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller in terms of looks.
Battery life and charging
Playstation 5 controllers are capable of wireless charging quickly and easily with the help of the charging station’s pad. PS5 controllers can charge quickly when connected to the PS5 console so the USB port can be easily freed during gameplay. Sony is using a rechargeable battery as always in its controller. But there is no claim that how long the battery will be a drain. If sony uses the larger battery in its controller this will make the controller definitely heavier, But sony made as possible as to make the controller light.