In 2020 where there is a huge increase among internet users so privacy law is also the main concern. Data broker and advertiser on the website always tracks what you do so it became very difficult for your privacy. So you are always worried about your internet surfing that who is tracking you are a bit confused which to use a tor browser or a VPN because you want to stay private and you don’t want to be tracked. So here we will explain which will be better whether VPN or TOR both stand better in different scenarios. So let the battle begin TOR vs VPN.

What is TOR?


TOR is known as a community network browser is considered one of the best browsers in terms of privacy because it Isolates you from each website. When you visit a website third-party trackers and advertisers can never track you. It is a free software anyone can download whether PC mobile. TOR browser uses almost a thousand relays to protect you from being tracked whenever you surf the internet.

In TOR the data you are using get encrypted which makes your activity almost private TOR browser has different layers of service it hides your identity by moving you across many different servers after so it is very difficult to track your any activity like payment, surfing the internet, are any other type of private activity can’t be tracked, Basically, TOR browser has onion logo it is so because like an onion has different layers similarly TOR have also similar layers like an onion. These layers are termed as a layer of security there are almost 7000 layers in which use you can be tracked whenever you use tor browser.

It has 3 layers of points which are termed nodes it sends your traffic to the three points. Every node of the TOR browser is encrypted whenever you go to any layer your traffic source is encrypted this makes the IP address of the sender and recipient unclear so it’s made very difficult to track the communication between both.

What is a VPN?

Termed as a virtual private network. Whenever you use the public network when VPN is enabled a public network is automatically turned into a private network VPN makes your internet encrypted. VPN basically hides your IP address so it makes it very difficult to trace you. It provides one of the best security and encryption over the connections. 

Whenever you use the internet there are two types of the network first is a local network that you are using and another is an exiting network so VPN creates a data tunnel between them which could be far away and it is best for your security. One of the advantages of a VPN over TOR vs VPN is that no one can track your browsing history. Your IP address and location can be tracked even your devices can be tracked your any activity on the web like payments are any other personal activity can’t be tracked.

Let us compare both in terms of various aspect


Internet speed is one of the major factors that depends on when you are surfing the internet using a TOR vs VPN. If you are using a VPN they are fast enough it depends on what server location you are selecting. It gives you a choice but TOR are almost slow if you compare with VPN. If you are connecting to a server location very far away from you then you will get very slow speed but if you are connecting to a server location that is near to you then you will get good speed. TOR browser is basically slow because your traffic is bounced around different relays in a browser that makes it one of the slowest among the VPN.


Pricing is also one of the major factors when you use TOR or a VPN. Browser is an open-source browser and it’s completely free you can use on a desktop as well as a mobile phone. While VPN is paid some VPN are free also so but they do not provide many services if you compared with a paid version.


Let’s talk about security which gives you the best security among TOR or VPN. When you surf the internet by enabling VPN the all traffic from your device to server is encrypted this time it is very difficult to track that what you are doing on a browser. You can play games, run anti-virus, stream video while enabling VPN.

If any hacker wants to track your data when you are using VPN the hacker will only get data that is not readable but in some the cases like a bad quality VPN, it can track your history and traffics and can sell to a third party.
When you use TOR browser your traffic is run around thousands of volunteer-run nodes so it is very difficult to track that what you are doing on your browser. Every time you use the TOR browser your relay root changes.

So it’s very difficult to predict that where your traffic is going there is one disadvantage of TOR browser that if you are not using the HTTPS security website it will become possible for a hacker to know yours traffics’ exit and they can track your history. TOR browser can also access dark web which is one of the most disadvantages of TOR browser because due to this there is a large incident of drugs cyber crimes. TOR is also blocked by many ISP many government sites and many country governments. It looks for people who are using tor browser and you are becoming visible in the government list.


Whenever you connect with a VPN your server is different so you are assigned a different IP address. So it will be difficult to track you but cookies are visible whenever you are using a VPN it means that advertisers and other Google algorithm can track your activities and behavior that what you are interested in. One of the biggest disadvantages of VPN is that the VPN provider can always track that what you are doing if you want to stream videos are want to use some public Wi-Fi network to hide your IP address then you can use VPN.

If you are comparing the privacy of TOR vs VPN then TOR browser is much better in terms of privacy because in TOR browser your IP address is always encrypted and it passes through several nodes provided by TOR browser. TOR browser is one of the favorite choices of cybercriminals and who want to access dark web sites and want to do illegal activities It gives high privacy if you compare with VPN. One of the biggest disadvantages of TOR browser is that if you don’t set up correctly your TOR browser your IP address can be leaked and it can be used by anyone. Each relay node of TOR browser is maintained by volunteers so you can’t be 100% sure of your privacy and many governments of different countries always track your activity on TOR browser.


TOR browsers are very easy to use they don’t have any type of setting up are creating an account. You have to just install it on a computer or mobile just start surfing without any setup. VPN and have a lot of setup from creating accounts to selecting a server and sometimes it is difficult to connect the server of your choice in VPN. Here we are comparing in some cases which suits you better tor VPN



-If you want to access the dark web you can easily access with TOR browser without leaving any trace but you can’t access the dark web with VPN.

-TOR browser really provides high privacy big journalists, whistleblowers, crime victims, and activists can use TOR browser because they hide their identity 100%. It also provides very secure communication among them.

-If you want to protect your browsing activity TOR browsers are one of the best for you.TOR browser is 100% free you do not need to pay any amount just install it like Google Chrome while VPN is paid but some VPN is also free but they do not provide many features.



-Encrypt your IP address and no one can know.

-VPN is much faster than TOR browser because there is a lot of competition and there are many VPNs which provide very fast services if you want to stream videos, surf internet or upload file you can use a VPN rather than TOR.

-You can watch blocked content by using a VPN because it gives you the IP address of other location where this type of content is not blocked.

-VPN covers all activities on the internet you can play games, you can surf the internet, you can use other software or tools. TOR browser is only for surfing the internet on browsers.

-One of the biggest advantages of VPN is that whenever using public Wi-Fi and you want to access your personal account it gives you much better security.

-You can connect to any server location you want in VPN like if you want to connect to the server location of the US, UK, or Australia you can connect.

Which to choose?

-If you want to get a hundred percent untraceable you can choose TOR browser.

-If you want a complete fast internet connection where you can stream videos, play games you can choose VPN.

-TOR browser is completely free while VPN is paid. Only some are free with fewer features if you don’t want to spend money then you can choose TOR.

-TOR browser has a very bad reputation many governments of countries look after users who are using TOR browser.

-The ultimate point is that when TOR vs VPN if you want high security then you can use both VPN and TOR you can enable VPN and after that, you can use TOR browser for surfing the internet.