As the technology and innovation rise among the brands from the wide notch, waterdrop notch, pop-up to punch-holes camera companies are trying their best to offer the best full view display. So the technology of Under Display Camera Phones arrives. Brands such as Oppo, Zte, Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung have teased their under-display phones. So we have the list of the under-display phones expected to arrive in 2020.


Mi has started producing 3rd Generation Under Display Camera Phones. Xiaomi has announced the mass production of under-display phones. Xiaomi is known for its new innovation and technology. This amazing technology developed by Xiaomi is able to perfectly hide the front camera of the phone under-screen which makes it completely edge to edge display. It perfectly discards punch holes, waterdrops, and pop up camera.

Xiaomi has substantially enhanced the full-screen display in the third generation of under-display camera technology by autonomous pixel set-up and optimizing the camera’s algorithm to offer the same performance as traditional front camera models. These developments have allowed Xiaomi to upgrade and produce technology.

The self-developed pixel configuration in Xiaomi Camera Technology 3rd Generation enables the screen to illuminate the gap zone of subpixels so that the entire RGB subpixels layout is preserved by each individual pixel without losing pixel density.

2.VIVO APEX 2020

Vivo has unveiled its Apex series phone of 2020  after so many teasers. This phone features a 120-Degree Curved Edgeless display, under-display selfie Camera. Vivo apex 2020 will be the best futuristic phone ever created by the company this phone features no physical buttons, no notch pop-up camera. One of the best features of Vivo apex is that it features an instant photobomb removal’ feature, which gives support up to 5x to 7.5x continuous optical zoom, and gimbal-like optical image stabilization in the main camera.

Vivo unveiled the Apex 2020 concept phone on Friday, and its display is one of the attractions. The phone shows a 6.45-inch FullView display that bends to both sides at an angle up to 120 °. The actual buttons on the sides of the body have been replaced by virtual press sensing buttons since the side edges are almost finished. The top forehead and the lower chin are almost gone while there is no bezel on the arms, however. This can be done by means of a selfie under-screen camera, which means that the company had no to cut out to report the camera.

The Vivo Apex 2020 phone has a 16-megapixel front camera behind the screen and is configured with a 4-in-1 super-pixel photosensitivity chip to allow high-quality photos. Under display selfie camera works by raising the light transmittance of the screen right above the front camera to six times as high as every other part of the screen. In addition, Vivo minimized optical interference, diffraction, and stray flashes through a series of algorithm optimizations to improve the quality of photography. The Vivo Apex 2020 concept system is also the first to deliver a high magnification of continuous optical zoom – with magnification from 5x zoom to 7.5x zoom. 4-group lens combination is used to achieve real-time focus even while zooming in. Because  6.2 mm thick camera module this is possible.

The 48-megapixel main camera inside the gimbal-like structure is used to achieve optical image stabilization (OIS) in the forward and left-right inclined directions. The phone has a 60W Wireless Super FlashCharge technology that promises to charge a 2,000mAh battery within only 20 minutes. Third generation SoundCasting technology screen, Immediate photobomb elimination, and Auto-Focus Voice Tracking.Vivo said that it will manufacture more Under Display Camera Phones in upcoming time.


Recently, Oppo started sending out media invitations to an event where the organization teased the official unveiling of its latest camera technology. Oppo has posted a brief teaser video, which gives us a peek of a phone with an under-display sensor. It’s not clear what series Oppo’s coming phone with an under-display sensor is going to fall in, but it seems to have a very high screen-to-body ratio and small bezels on all sides. Oppo will demonstrate its sub-display camera technology at MWC Shanghai on June 26.

The smartphone seems to have an almost full-screen display with very narrow bezels on both edges according to the teaser. The volume buttons of the phone is located on the left side of the phone, and the power button is located on the right side of the phone. It looks that the pixels above the selfie camera will function properly, but when the front camera is enabled for selfies or authentication, a flashing ring will appear around it.