Xiaomi launches the world’s first mass-production transparent OLED TV known as Mi TV LUX it’s a $7,200 TV is going to release in China

credit: Xiaomi

Innovations are the top priority of Xiaomi this time also Xiaomi has proved by introducing Mi TV LUX. Its World’s first mass-produced transparent television. We can consider this television as one of the most beautiful televisions ever produced. It features an edge-to-edge display which makes it’s more beautiful. The amazing part of this television its a complete see-through display. Mi launches this tv as a Xiaomi’s 10th-anniversary celebration. Xiaomi has used transparent OLED technology (TOLED) on this TV to make it complete transparently.Viewers can see easily to other side.

credit: Xiaomi

People wondered if the Tv is transparent where are its hardware and sound so Xiaomi has combined all the electronics and sound hardware were up to the round stand at the TOLED screens in its Lux tv which uses transparent components through the stack that makes up to the screen, which makes it backlight free in this technology individual diode emits its own light, which makes images look like they’re floating rather than displaying. According to research both LCD and OLED technology, based displays can be made transparent. But OLED technology fits best since it doesn’t need a backlight while an LCD technology needs a backlight which makes it harder for LCD to be transparent.


Mi TV LUX  is also equipped with one of the best level hardware which makes it’s best in both sound and picture quality. Apart from this, it has a 120Hz refresh rate,120Hz MEMC technology, and 1ms response which makes this TV quite smooth. And 55-inch OLED panel with a contrast ratio of 150,000:1,3.

It has DCI-P3 93% color spectrum support. This TV offers one of the best specifications in this industry it has 10-bit panel displays which have whooping 1.07 billion color combinations and have an extra-wide color spectrum which can’t even the human eye can perceive. AI Master Smart Engine is used in this transparent TV, along with the MediaTek 9650 as a processor which is a custom-made TV chip, which is optimized 20 algorithms and the device is capable of intelligently refining graphic resolution to create vibrant pictures.

The width of the TV is approximately 5.7 millimeters only which makes it ultra-thin. Mi uses one of the best audio technology in this TV which is equipped with Dolby Atmos®️ support. Smart AI used in this TV can automatically detect the type of content playing and chooses the best audio mode from a list spanning movies, music, newsfeed, sports, etc from its algorithm.MI said that its first Chinese TV brand will ship 10 million units annually.